the 923 oak project


about the project

Portraying a variety of buildings and the people who call it home, the 923 oak project tells the stories of the residents who live at that particular address. Celebrating our uniqueness as individuals, as well as our similarities, it provides a glimpse of the current American landscape.

This project aims to uncover connections and create some aha! moments about the people we encounter everyday.


about the storyteller

Ever the idealist, Kristin Geiger has always been particularly romantic about America. Her grade school classmates would tell you that she was set to be the first woman president. But after a college internship on Capitol Hill, which provided an entertaining but honest look at politics behind the scenes, Kristin abandoned her White House aspirations and put her political science and communications degree to work in advertising and design. Fundamentally, she wanted to influence people. If you purchased a Eureka vacuum cleaner in the late ’90s or dined at a newly remodeled Wendy’s in the past year, it worked.  Almost entirely throughout her 20-year career, the 923 oak project was a twinkle in her eye.

In 2013 she quit her job to focus exclusively on the project. Still determined to influence people, the goal now is to get people to really see each other, and ultimately strengthen a sense of connection, pride and unity among Americans.

Raised in a small town in southern Indiana, Kristin has called San Francisco home for the past 15 years. She lives a block away from Alamo Square Park, overlooking the “Painted Ladies” and the downtown skyline, and just a 15-minute walk from her younger sister.


why 923 oak?

923 is a special number for Kristin — it’s her birthday (and she is one of those people that loooooves birthdays). She felt that a tree-named street was wholesome, nostalgic, strong & uniquely American.

She does not live at 923 Oak. Yet.

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