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about dan and faye: 923 oak | iowa (dan and the farm)

By On May 20, 2014

“Danny’s dad’s dad was killed by a team of horses,” Faye tells me. That’s Dan’s grandfather. Dan’s grandmother died shortly after giving birth to her eighth child. Then, this heartbreak struck. Dan’s… Read More

923 Oak HQ | the 923 oak project
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god bless cindy

By On May 14, 2014

The romance of the road trip is over. There will be more open roads in my future, but for now, the work of The 923 Oak Project is mostly comprised of transcribing… Read More

almost twilight in iowa #923oak
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about faye and dan: 923 oak | iowa (america, the polka and grumpy old men)

By On May 8, 2014

“All the ladies at coffee thought I was crazy. They couldn’t believe I was doing this.” “This” is talking with me. Faye is bustling around the brightly lit kitchen on this Sunday… Read More

on the road | the 923 oak project

one word

By On May 5, 2014

After 40 days and 40 nights of being on the road, spending 25 nights in hotels and 15 at friends’ homes (often displacing one of their kids – thank you again, guys),… Read More

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meet $w1fT: 923 oak | arizona

By On April 8, 2014

PARENTAL ADVISORY: the language that follows is unvarnished, harsh and potentially offensive to some readers. This alert is not just for people with young kids, but for my family, friends, and anyone… Read More

923 oak iowa | the 923 oak project
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about dan and faye: 923 oak | iowa

By On April 4, 2014

“She got me when I was down.” Dan leans over the kitchen table, mischief sparkling in his blue eyes. He and I are sitting at the big oak table on the other… Read More

thomas' guitar | the 923 oak project
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back in black

By On March 29, 2014

Remember Thomas from 923 Oak in Arizona? Remember his most treasured possession? (A guitar.) Do you remember WHERE it was? (A pawn shop.) It made me sad to know that his most… Read More

923 oak florida | the 923 oak project
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gravel driveways & comfort zones

By On March 21, 2014

I walk up the long gravel driveway to knock on the front door of 923 Oak Lane. Under the watchful eyes of two curious female neighbors, I figure there’s no turning back… Read More

$w1fT looking out at the Arizona foothills | the 923 oak project
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meet $w1fT: 923 oak | arizona

By On March 17, 2014

These stories about $w1fT have generated a lot of heated conversation with some people who are very dear to me. They are worried about the content and tone of these posts; that… Read More

almost twilight in iowa | the 923 oak project
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introducing 923 oak | iowa

By On March 13, 2014

  I am Waze-ing my way through northwestern Iowa to meet Faye and her family on a sleepy, snowy Sunday. It’s 1:59pm, one minute before our scheduled meeting time, and the female… Read More

illinois #923roadtrip | the 923 oak project

20 days in

By On March 8, 2014

Today marks the halfway point of my #923roadtrip. I’m 20 days into my 40-day journey, and I’m halfway across America. I’m staying out in the country in central Iowa, with my aunt… Read More

$w1fT's neighborhood | the 923 oak project
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about $w1fT: 923 oak | arizona

By On March 5, 2014

Parental Advisory: strong language. Here’s a glimpse into my emails with $w1fT, shortly after our conversation on the hill. Date: 12.9.13 1:18 pm From: Kristin To: $w1fT Hey there — how are… Read More

$w1fT's hands | the 923 oak project
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introducing $w1fT: 923 oak | arizona

By On March 3, 2014

December 2013 $w1fT leads me up a small hill behind the house. My shiny nude patent heels leave little  puncture marks in the soft ground  – a city-girl version of Hansel &… Read More

the compass die #923roadtrip | the 923 oak project


By On February 27, 2014

One of the questions I like to ask the people of 923 Oak is “what advice would you give your 14-year-old self?” The advice I would give my 14-year old self is… Read More

new mexico #923roadtrip | the 923 oak project

seven days in

By On February 23, 2014

More than 2,700 miles. Nine states. A few looooong days on this solo road trip, but the weather was perfect and I snapped some spectacular scenery at 75+ miles per hour. Over… Read More