the 923 oak project


in the words of the residents 

When I first learned about the 923 Oak Project, I honestly didn’t know what to think. When I told others about it, I found equal parts interest and fear that it was some sort of scam, but I was curious.   When I communicated directly with Kristin, I quickly came to the conclusion that she was a brave woman with a very ambitious and interesting idea.   If “Home is where the heart is”, isn’t our home a huge part of who we are? The more I thought about it, the more I realized what a privilege it would be to tell the story of my 923 Oak home.

When Kristin arrived, she instantly fit into my family of friends and I felt like she was a kindred soul. Having the chance to reflect on the hours we spent talking, it was an amazing opportunity to have someone listen to me, deeply listen, in a way that made me feel like my life in this place had a meaning that I could share with others. Sharing my home and my story was something I never expected to do, but I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity.

— Candace, 923 Oak, Florida


When we received Kristin’s letter in the mail, we were apprehensive.  Who is this woman and why would she possibly care about our lives?  These are the questions that first popped up. We thought about it, opened our minds and dove in.  We’re glad we did.

Kristin’s visit was invigorating, mostly to our spirits.  She exhibited an honest interest in our story, and was not tentative about her own.  She was warm, non-judgemental, and fun.  We laughed a lot.  Not only were we rewarded with a unique afternoon but also a new friend.

— Pete and Mike, 923 Oak, Ohio


After reading Kristin’s blog, we decided to open up our home to her.  She was respectful of the people that she interviewed and had a great way of portraying the families and individuals.

From the moment we met Kristin, she felt like part of the family and we were so comfortable with her.  We thought that we would be about two hours, but we sat around the table and talked like old friends. The time went so fast, when we looked at the clock it had been almost four hours — and that was with our kids, too!  She was able to relate to our teenagers and they enjoyed answering her questions.  As a family, we also enjoyed learning about each other in a forum that gave us the opportunity to answer questions that we all learned a little more about each other.

At the end of the interview, she left us with hugs and knowing that our family will be portrayed with respect and keeping our town private.  It was a great experience for our family and a wonderful memory!

— Sally, 923 Oak, Pennsylvania


It was with great pleasure I was able to sit down and talk with Kristin. This project has such great meaning on many levels. We don’t know who our neighbors are anymore. We have gone too far in the wrong direction. We never know what kind of life someone has led. We never know how amazing people can be except what you hear in the media. People have stories and they are amazing. Kristin is going out there to find out. She has such a great vision with this project. Please join me to help finish this great opportunity. I am honored to know that I lived in the right spot to be a part in this! To all the other 923 Oak residents, don’t pass this by.

— Jamie, 923 Oak, Tennessee